Children in Difficult Life Circumstances Registration: “Manuk” Information System

Children in Difficult Life Circumstances Registration (“Manuk”) was developed in 2003 and includes both the “Orphanage” and “Adoption” subsystems. “Manuk” includes data on children without parental care, persons listed as children without parental care, rejected children, children left out of mainstream education, children registered with the police, children with special educational needs (children with disabilities), homeless children, children from socially vulnerable families, as well as data on the children’s parents or legal representatives, their legal status, family composition, etc. The system also contains information about children who are available for adoption or who are already adopted, as well as information about adopters and persons wishing to adopt. The platform monitors, searches and edits personal data, includes information on individual social-psychological rehabilitation programs, as well as data on changing children’s legal status. Additionally, it includes data on the suspension or termination of the adoption process in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, the entry of court decisions on adoption, unification of the data of the adopted child and adoptive parent, and more.